Leaky Pipes

They leak, sweat, make loud noises and freeze; no, not your kids- your pipes. When you think about your plumbing if you think about it at all, it is probably only when something goes wrong.A leaking pipe can drain your water bill and if it is leaking in the wrong place it can cause structural damage to your home as well.

Here are some ways to tell if you have a leak going that you aren’t aware of. We are assuming you haven’t come home and found your kids floating on the couch cushions, so any leak at this point is probably undetected. There are basically two sources of water coming into your home, your bathroom and your kitchen, that you can check for leaks. Look for loose tiles in the bathroom. If you find a multitude of loose tiles lift them up and check the wall for a spongy feel.

If you have a spongy wall you have a leak. You can also look for persistent mold and mildew. Check your tiles grouting lines. Are there gaps? Gaps probably mean mold growing there as well. Where there is mold or mildew there is a water source. You can also check around your toilet for water leakage. Another trick is to rock your toilet- does it move? It shouldn’t and if it does it means it isn’t secured right to the wax ring, which means a potential leak is occurring.


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