Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Dallas Water Damage professional technicians have been IICRC certified to treat and restore hardwood floors leaving them free from hazardous health threats. Our state-of-the-art equipment extracts water from hardwood floors, dries them our completely, and applies antibacterial and mildicide agents that are 100% environment friendly.

Molds, mildews, and their rotting odors are the least of your concern. When it comes to water damaged hardwood floors, bacteria and germs buildup is the immediate concern. Ordinary household cleaning products won’t be able to sanitize and deodorize them thus posing greater health threats for your family.

Hardwood floors are the most critical home installations that cannot escape the realities of water damage. As a permanent installation, hardwood floors that have been water damaged will certainly be exposed to the development of molds and mildew in its small cracks and crevices. Mold and mildew infested hardwood floors give off smelly odors indoors and it can be very embarrassing especially if you’re bringing guests home.

We restore your hardwood floors to their original pre-loss state and free from bacteria, germs, molds and mildew. Don’t risk the health of your family in the event of water damaged hardwood floors. The faster you respond to water damage, the faster we can restore your hardwood floors and the lesser family health risks are at stake.


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My water heater burst and flooded my basement called Dallas Water Damage and they came right out like true professionals! and clean up the whole area. They were fast, friendly and affordable. I will use Dallas Water Damage in the future if needed. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Mike D.