Fire Damage Restoration

Fire can severely damage your house. Although modern buildings are fire-smart with fire proof foundations, fire incidents are still reported every 24 seconds in U.S. This often happens because of a gas leak or short circuit, which can spread quickly through the house. Often, the sprinklers and fire alarms fail to work at the time of fire because the maintenance is overlooked. Hence it can cause major fire damage. Do not feel relieved if the damage looks insignificant because only proper evaluation can establish the structural stability of your house.

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Types of Fire Damages:

Spalling of concrete:
● Spalling is the breakdown of the outer layer i.e. masonry or concrete structure.
● Spalling is caused when concrete and steel walls are exposed to high pressure temperature, which causes uneven thermal expansion. Then the sudden drop in temperature due to firefighting efforts causes contraction in the structure. This breaks the bond in walls and induces fragmentation of concrete.
● The water from firefighting penetrates into these damaged walls and if not corrected soon, it can cause efflorescence
● The signs of spalling are, cracks, pores and scaled plaster patches on the wall.

● Soot from the smoke is acidic in nature. When the soot is in its dry form, it is not very dangerous and is easier to clean.
● As soon as water mixes with it, the acidic property becomes more damaging, hence wherever it sets, discoloration and corrosion will be the outcome.
● It is greasy and smeary in nature.
● The odor from smoke and soot is toxic, making odor elimination a specialized job in the process of fire damage restoration

Charred household objects:
● Many household items get completely burnt so they have to be thrown out.
● The ones that can be salvaged will have to be inspected by professionals from a fire damage restoration company or insurance company if your property is insured.
● Wooden objects are more likely to be damaged because wood is the best fuel for fire.
● Plastic items will be melted and deformed.
● Electric circuits, plumbing and duct systems will be severely fire damaged and smeared badly by fire and smoke.
● Clothes, upholstery fabric, carpets and curtains will most likely be charred and reeking of smoke and soot.

Need fire and smoke remediation? Dallas Fire Damage Restoration is the answer to your fire damage problems.

Dallas Fire Damage Restoration: who are we?
Dallas Fire Damage is a fire damage restoration company. We operate 24/7 in North Texas and provide you with quality smoke remediation solutions at affordable rates. We reach the scene of fire in 30 minutes. Our experts are trained and experienced to take care of fire clean-up and ensure you a safe house so that you can return to normal living conditions in no time.

How do we work?
As soon as you call us, our team will be on its way to your fire damaged property.
● We will assess the condition of your house methodically. This is important so that a fire damage cleanup plan can be made.
● Our experts have been trained separately for each job.
● To secure your house from potential robbery, we will secure the doors and windows of your house first.
● We will clean up the bigger fire residues from your house, followed by drying of all damp household good.
● We will send reparable damage to an offsite facility for cleanup and repair e.g. clothes and furniture.
● Smoke and soot cleanup will begin from walls, floors and ceilings.
● The floor board will be removed to clean pooled water below and in the sub floors.
● After restoring and recovering everything, your house will be given an antimicrobial treatment along with treatment for smoke odor elimination.

Your house will be recovered and made habitable again.

You can call us for free consultation. We also take care of old fire damages so call us now on 214-453-0497. We also respond quickly to your emails so send us one at [email protected]


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